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    Spying On Cell Phones
    So you are suspecting that your teens maybe talking to someone who’s intentions are not so good? Are you thinking that they could be accessing websites that they are NOT supposed to see through their cell phone?

    What about your employees? With the bills for SMS and phone usage taking up a good portion of the company’s budget, don’t you think it’s about time you keep track of their cell phone activities and make sure that they are using it for business purposes ONLY?

    You see, your mind can’t be at ease until you find out for sure. And it’s about time we put your mind at peace with one powerful cell phone spy software: Appmia. There’s nothing like it out there. It’s years ahead of its competitors and stands on a class of its own.
    Logging of inbound and outbound emails.
    Recording the URLs of sites that are accessed on the net through the smart phone.
    Keep track of the cell phone’s location every 90 seconds through GPS and link it to a map.
    And let’s not forget, it DOESN’T rely on the cell phone’s logging function and does the job on its own.
    These are just some of the niceties that https://appmia.com/ touts. Spying on cell phones has never been easier. While the mechanics and inner workings of this amazing piece of software is complicated for the end user to understand, getting it to work is a piece of cake.