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    When I was preparing my first sons nursery I knew that I was having a boy. A lot of people do not like to know the sex of the baby before they’re born, but I can tell you that it makes designing a nursery so much easier. Not that you can’t design a nursery that isn’t gender specific with ease, but if you know that you are having a boy you can choose much more boyish themes.

    Modern crib bedding sets can prove to be a strain on your pockets, what with each company competing with the next. The only assurance is that quality usually increases with the price. So even if you are spending what seems like a fortune, do remember that you are not just purchasing bedding but peaceful nights for your little one.

    The fabric your baby bedding is made of is of utmost importance. Make sure it is durable and easy to wash because you sure will have to wash it frequently!

    Also try look for sets that are made of cotton or wool. Those that are made of wool are extremely comfortable, while those are made of cotton are usually hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic is always a good choice for babies, as you never going to be sure what allergies they may have. Keep this in mind looking for you sets, if you may be bombarded it with cotton sets that are not hypoallergenic. If you do want to go with one that is made of cotton, ensure that is hypoallergenic for the safety and comfort of your baby.

    Another popular option for baby crib Bedding sets is polka dot, as it allows you to choose absolutely any color. For example, it can be yummy vanilla and mocha, juicy kiwi and cherry, bright tangerine and lime, fresh raspberry and avocado, or calm tin and sand. Polka dots can create a very specific feeling in your baby’s room, such as soothing or energizing, chic or traditional, classic or modern.

    Price and quality generally go hand in hand when purchasing children’s bedding. If you want a set that will last for a least a couple of years, then you may not want to go for the cheapest item. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to purchase the most expensive because children grow and naturally want new things after a while. Also, if you are purchasing bedding for a crib or toddler bed, keep in mind that they will not be able to use it long before you have to buy them a new bed anyways.

    When choosing a crib set you should not skimp on quality: your baby’s health and safety may be at stake. That being said, there are many designer crib sets available today at reasonable rates. Of course, the crib will be a day care center, especially the crib bedding.