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    Elise was proudly established as being the initially title in eyelashes in Indonesia in of 2000. The concept has come from the growing curiosity of imitation eyelashes planet-vast. Brought into this world out from our production line in Key Java, Elise deliver broad different types of item utilizing the best of raw materials put together with skilled and experienced craftmanship. Each kind of the eyelashes have been hand-made carefully with love and passion.

    We did start to introduce Elise to nearby industry by partnering up with traditional merchants in Jakarta, then increased in the market to provinces all over Indonesia. Following getting great responses and enthusiasm, we enterprise in the market to number of countries around the world, like USA, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Poland, by partnering track of neighborhood providers to assist distribute our products worldwide.

    In 2015, Elise expanded its distributions to modern retails across the nation, as the market evolves. We managed to work alongside huge retail stores for exampleCarrefour and Hypermart, Boston Drugstores, Naughty, Giants, Foodmart, Lunadorii, Foodhall and Gramedia. In 2019, with all the modify of complete managing, Elise was aimed to have much stronger presences in numerous pillars, and that we been able to broaden to even bigger and more retail stores, like Guardian, Watsons, and Indomaret. Until recently, our syndication channels are up to 16,000 retailers nationwide and counting. On the web- wise, Elise has set up its digital footprints with getting formal e-retailers in leading 10 E-commerces like Tokopedia, Shopee, and the like, and also getting recognized profiles in major and dominant social multimedia software. Our company is also strongly supported using our electronic digital advertising activities.

    Motivated by the several heroes of Indonesian cultures and women, we get those who work in pride into our product or service choices and improvements, as we observe that splendor is designed for anyone which many people are stunning. What you feel, though beauty is not only what you see. What you really feel means your confidence and persona, and self confidence is empowering. We believe being a brand, we have a function in empowering women to value their flaws as individuality as well as value their selves by coordintaing with their appears with this good quality goods. Attractiveness is all over the place encouraged, as well as to look really good is a kind of personal-regard along with respecting your group.

    To appeal the vast diversities in splendor, Elise supplies the biggest choice of synthetic eyelashes, that will fit any type and shape of view. We currently categorize our goods into 6 range: Сlassic, Glamour, 3D, Tokyo, Pro and Monolid.

    Each and every collection has its own distinction, Timeless Range reveals all-natural in the models that one could go with everyday, whilst Tokyo Collection is something you need to go with to accomplish an extremely natural seem. Tokyo Collection is produced with tapered- finish technological innovation, when the materials is processed 2 times to make it appearance as it is your organic lashes. We are the first and the only one to obtain this advanced technology in Indonesia.

    Charisma Sequence elevate your eyesight appear with more amount, in contrast to 3D sequence, which mixes 3 distinct styles into 1, will give you extraordinary look when you really need it one of the most, specially on the unique celebrations and days. Expert Range is available regarding take pleasure in the experts in the marketplace, committed specifically for Make-up Artists, enthusiasts, or fans. And Monolid Collection is designed for a basic or possibly a new end user and even for people with no covers who felt that they may never at any time have the ability to use imitation lashes.

    Yet, when you value your elegance, you will definately get innovative, and you could use any kind of our merchandise as you wish. Inside our area, obviously, we will acquire more addition along the way while we carry on and make an effort using the excellence of the items with varieties and innovations.

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