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    Having a backpack / family pack gives you no time to think and prepare for a disaster, so it is advisable to get a prepackaged backpack. Everything you and your family need in a short time. No one knows when a natural or man-made disaster will occur. You can’t expect the government to help you in a disaster. The government has already demonstrated its ability to perform simple tasks. If you prepare in advance, you can leave home if this is the only option you still have.

    The reason an emergency backpack is already needed is that it is ready to be worn, hands-free, more flexible and hands-free. Get ready for this and / or each family home. Remember important documents and medications or other things that are personally important to each member of your family. There are variations on backpack / survival kits, but each emergency kit requires basic information such as food, water and first aid kits.

    If you’re creating your own survival backpack, the next 15 articles outline the most important things to include in your backpack. Make sure you have the packages you need, as you may have to travel easily. Whatever you have, you need to make sure you can carry it.

    * Dry food and high calorie bar

    * Water bags and tablets for water purification

    * U-shaped curtain

    * Warm clothes and leather gloves

    * Sunscreen and rain poncho

    * Comfortable shoes or boots

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    * Match and waterproof lighter

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    * Auxiliary knife and rope

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    * Pipe and torch

    * Dust mask

    * Fully equipped first aid kit

    * Torch with spare battery and light stick

    * Battery or AM / FM radio disassembly

    * Personal needs such as toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer

    * A list of medical histories, including any health issues or medications you are taking for your doctor’s appropriate treatment.

    Survival kits / kits ensure the basic need for you and your family to survive. From sanitary products to clean products, wireless devices warn the public of food and water.

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