• With any electronic device, there are pros and cons, and the HTC 7 Mozart smart phone is no exception. Both Australia and the UK have this phone, released in both countries and utilized by their consumers. This phone operates using Windows, something that is a plus or minus, depending upon your personal experience with this program. Let’s look…[Read more]

  • With so many available Apps for free, why would someone choose to pay for a phone app? There are a number of reasons that you would choose to pay for an Android app instead of settling for its free counterpart. The main reason being that the paid Android applications are more extensive than their free counterparts. A free application is usually…[Read more]

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    Mobile phone technology has come a long way and HTC has produced quite a few reliable cell phones, its latest being the HTC 7 Mozart. Even though this phone has great features and a stunning design, will it actually work for you? This article will detail a few of the most promising features of the cell phone and yet it is something you are looking…[Read more]

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    Nobody wants to spend money on something that isn’t useful. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending one, five or a hundred dollars. At the same time, there are just some applications that are better than their free counterparts. Figuring out which of the paid Android applications are better than their free versions can be hard. You want to have…[Read more]

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